Free-up Internal Resources, Gain Control over Expenditure

and Boost Staff Engagement

Eliminate Stress and Time - Consuming Workload

Allow us to manage the day-to-day demands associated with ordering and supplying workday apparel and free-up your internal resources to focus on their core role.

Establish Spending Limit

Allow us to control expenditure with personalised budgets for each team member to eliminate overspend and waste whilst providing financial visibility via detailed reporting.

Build One Team

Establish a wardrobe that eliminates staff frustrations and complaints, unifies people, boosts staff engagement and provides an opportunity to improve workplace culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of introducing, or changing, a workday wardrobe is typically accompanied by lots of questions. We have collated many of the common questions we are asked to assist you in the first stages of your review.

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We are well versed in providing simple switch solutions. We believe every new relationship begins with a conversation, so prior to making any forecast we would seek to understand your current position, the circumstances that demand change, how you provision your workday apparel today and what you anticipate from a new arrangement. But don't worry, we make it simple for you whilst minimising inconvenience and disruption in your business.
Our approach to the provisioning of workday apparel is a collaborative one, where discussion needs to be undertaken to establish the right solution for an organisation and your people prior to identifying end product. During the discovery process we identify from feedback, the types and styles of garments to best suit your requirements whereby we propose a wardrobe of apparel from our diverse stock service sourcing channels or through custom-make.
Our personalised delivery solution is structured to deliver to the workplace or to an individual's home. Our systems capture individual personal addresses where required. We collate individual orders and despatch via Australia Post with all tracking details provided directly to your team member.

Trust Gained Through Experience

We help leaders in mid to large organisations simplify the supply and management of workday apparel and uniforms.

Whether you are a single or multi-site organisation, we understand the challenges you encounter and how to work with you to resolve them.

We bring insight gathered from decades working in large distribution businesses supplying to complex corporate organisations such as Boeing, BOQ and Suncorp.

Inspiration Achieved From Knowledge

Rely on our knowledge to create a workday wardrobe that is not only fit for purpose and comfortable, it connects your people and evokes a greater sense of personal belonging.

We collaborate with your people to help you make inspired garment choices.

We establish your specific wardrobe from our range of 1000's of garments, styles and fabrics.

Leverage our knowledge to adopt on-trend workplace fashion to suit your unique business environment.

Based on a recent report into The Value of Belonging at Work,
high belonging is linked to


Increase in
Job Performance


Reduction in
Flight Risk


Reduction in
Sick Days



For an organisation of 1,000 people

Belonging Created With Purpose

As human beings, we all possess the need to feel a strong sense of belonging. Increasing the sense of belonging in the workplace through the use of well implemented workday apparel not only has a beneficial impact on your people, it can have a substantial bottom line benefit to your organisation.

For many businesses, labour cost is one of, if not the largest overhead. Based on the recent report titled The Value of Belonging at Work, there is significant savings to be made by businesses that improve employee connectedness which results in reduced turnover, absenteeism, and increased job performance.

Simplicity Delivered By Innovation


Our bespoke Workday Apparel Management System (WAMS) removes the workload burden often associated with managing workday apparel across an organisation.


WAMS provides all your people secure access to choose and order from a controlled range of items whilst reducing administrative workload and stress.


WAMS enables your staff to focus on their core role by controlling expenditure tracking, garment management and detailed reporting.

Supply Partners

Choice, ongoing availability and high quality are key to a successful workday wardrobe. That's why we provide products from a diverse selection of brands.
Our supply partners include:

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