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There is no ‘one-solution-fits-all’ approach to the provisioning or workday apparel. That’s why we tailor our offer to suit the needs of our customers. From customised product to customised ordering processes, we understand the need to be flexible in our offering to meet diverse needs and expectations.


In the words of Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

The establishment, or updating, of a workday wardrobe across an organisation requires not only change management, it requires the ability to objectively assess and implement a program suitable to a diverse demographic with often differing opinions and expectations.

We understand that fostering change is often more effective when driven by external industry experts thus removing any perceived bias and establishing the prospect for fresh and open engagement from all stakeholders.

We offer a consultancy arrangement to help you establish the foundation of a workday wardrobe for your organisation, including the identification of fabrics, colour palette, style and functional aspects such as financial, operational and continuity recommendations.

Ideal for: Organisations seeking to review or implement a workday wardrobe but need guidance to determine the right approach and product range.


We have been involved in warehouse and distribution over a decade, so we understand how to streamline delivery to eliminate the need for your people to invest time away from their core role.


With our personalised delivery service there is no need for your people to collate and package orders for delivery to your staff. We do it all for you.

Coordinating product styles, colours, sizes, quantities, delivery locations and financial management all contribute to the level of complexity associated with the supply of clothing across an organisation. It is complicated, time-consuming and fraught with error without the correct management systems and processes.

Our personalised distribution solution includes garment collation, packaging and delivery of individually labelled apparel orders including coordinated delivery subject to your teams work location, be it Caulfield, Cairns or anywhere else in Australia.

Ideal for: Organisations that need to provide individually collated and packaged workday apparel direct to staff.


Having a trade show, launch or brand promotion? Allow us to manage a one-off, bulk delivery of branded clothing delivered across all your business locations timed to coordinate with your event or release.

Often when we mention workday apparel that thoughts default to the creation of a total clothing program. However, this is not always the case. We are regularly engaged to provide bulk volumes of garments for a particular need. We work with you to identify the right apparel to enhance your brand and align with your event.

We remove stress and workload by managing delivery, allowing you to commit your attention to planning the more important aspects of your event or promotion.

Ideal for: Mass provisioning of apparel when individual sizing is unknown.


Managed Program

Don’t damage your brand due to disparate workday apparel and uniforms.
Conflicting brand usage accounts for 56% damage to brand credibility, making it nearly 30% harder to compete in the market according to a recent Brand Consistency Report. With a managed program you can ensure your teams are always on trend and on brand.


Our managed programs are planned, implemented and operated specifically to your unique requirements. From initial needs analysis, garment identification and approval, through to order management and financial reporting, there isn’t an aspect of our workday clothing programs that aren’t pre-determined and measured.


Brand consistency is a direct result of our managed program. So too is the consistent look of your people who will be recognisable before they introduce themselves due to your stylish and coordinated workday apparel. Additionally, we choose garments for managed programs that are ongoing, so your look remains consistent for seasons not weeks.


Unknown or uncontrolled cost associated with workday apparel is one of the most common management complaints we address. With our managed programs we control expenditure to align to your specific budget. Gone are the days of overspend and budget blow-outs.


Rolling out a clothing program across an organisation for hundreds or thousands of people can be complex without a systematic approach. We provide controlled access to our online Workday Apparel Management Solution (WAMS) to enable your people to manage their own ordering eliminating workload from within your business.


We provide flexible and customised reporting, detailing every aspect of your managed program so you are not operating blindly. Additionally, our consolidated invoicing offers full transparency including breakdown by individual order, garments and delivery locations.


Implementation of a managed program provides the flexibility to create and modify your look well into the future, without the need to re-engineer operational aspects. Managed programs are not set in stone. We ensure they adapt with your business needs and ever-changing fashion trends.

Ideal for: Mid to large organisations requiring constant access to a defined workday wardrobe.

Ad Hoc

Not every organisation requires a managed program. Often the need is simply to order workday apparel on an unplanned basis as the need arises.

Our Ad Hoc solution caters for such needs, drawing on locally stocked ranges across a vast array of styles, fabrics and colours. We assist with garment recommendations and selection to suit the need at hand.

Combine this service with our decoration solution and you will quickly and efficiently provide your teams with fashionable and on brand apparel they will be proud to wear.

Ideal for: Organisations that do not require a formalised apparel program but have the need to provide a periodic solution to outfit their people.

Online Ordering

Long gone are the days of manual or paper-based ordering for workday apparel. Our bespoke Workday Apparel Management Solution (WAMS) completely eliminates costly and time-consuming processes historically associated with ordering workday apparel, providing consistent, controlled access across your organisation.


Pre-determined apparel range only visible to your organisation


Individual user profiles provide secure access to all staff who need to wear workday apparel


Full product specification and images assists users to make informed ordering decisions


Cost management features eliminate over-budget spend


Flexible order payment methods including allocation, purchase order or credit card


Detailed and flexible reporting capability

Ideal for: Organisations with a defined apparel range and a large number of staff that need to be outfitted.


With so much focus on global warming and the negative impact our practices are having on our environment, we recognise we all need to play our part in making a change.

From providing access to eco-friendly garments manufactured using sustainable, alternate fabrics or recycled material, to the reduction of single use, non-biodegradable plastics in packaging, we are committed to providing solutions that help our planet, but also help you to improve your environmental sustainability.

We encourage discussion regarding initiatives you may be planning, or have already implemented, that you believe could be further enhanced by partnering with us to be the change we need to be for future generations and the stability of our environment.


Custom Made

Custom made garments provide an organisation the flexibility to create a unique look incorporating bespoke styling, fabric, colour palette and superior branding options.

Our approach to developing bespoke pieces has been fine-tuned through years of experience, guaranteeing the end result achieves creative, quality and financial expectations.

Ideal for: Organisations where local stock service is unable to provide apparel to colour or style specifications or price point requirements.


Technological advancement means there are more and more logo application techniques available on workday apparel opening up even more flexibility in positioning.

The application of your logo onto workday apparel should enhance the garment and align with your brand guidelines. We uphold the integrity of your logo because we understand brand inconsistency not only damages your credibility, it can make it harder for you to compete in your market.

We consult with you to determine the most appropriate and cost effective method of logo application specific to each garment, your logo structure, colouring and the suitability to the fabric to which you logo is being applied.