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Workday Wardrobe was borne from decades of experience in both small business and multi-national organisations. Experience including providing contract management and operational support to corporations and government via warehouse and distribution models, seeing first-hand, the challenges and difficulties businesses experience sourcing and managing their workday apparel and PPE and finding pathways and solutions to deliver the required outcomes whilst balancing the needs of many invested stakeholders.

Leveraging our knowledge, we determined that the Workday Wardrobe business model be simple and lean in order to meet ever changing business customers' demands. In so doing, we have adopted operational efficiencies to reduce delivery time lag and cost whilst maximising stock holding and geographical reach in order to provide a simple and timely approach to the provision of our services.

We are a family-owned business commitment to working with you to achieve your blue or white collar workwear and PPE procurement objectives efficiently, cost effectively and risk-free.

We only distribute quality products that provide certified levels of protection an enhance your brand.

Unlike many of our counterparts, we are not driven to deliver the cheapest products at high prices to maximise our profitability. This only ends up costing you, and us, more over time and does not support a long-term, trust-worthy business relationship.

Every decision we make, and every product range we offer, must meet our values. These values stem from the way we were raised and guide us through our personal and business dealings. Put simply, they are the expectations we like to experience when we are in your shoes - the customer.


We undertake a consultative sales process as we believe personal service and knowledgeable staff add value not only to our business, but to our customers who are often suffering time constraints and excessive workload demands. Our range encompasses corporate wear, work wear, hi-vis, PPE and safety products which demands specialist skills. We have no constraints in leveraging the expertise provided by our suppliers to enhance our offering. We support the delivery of our product range by offering a full-service solution.

Our approach and experience ensures that when partnering with Workday Wardrobe, you can do so with confidence.

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