We are operating normally during COVID-19 however due to oversubscribed freight capacity we are experiencing some minor delivery delays.

We offer thousands of products from hundreds of leading brands, stocked and manufactured both locally and offshore including Europe, USA, Canada, Vietnam, China and Bangladesh.

Our product scope has been developed to offer commercial and industrial organisations choice and the capability to provide workday apparel regardless of the product or service you sell. To identify the right solution, we consult with you and your people to match the right products to your needs, to complement your brand and suit your working environment.



Business & Casual

Suiting to chinos, blouses to polos, aprons to thermals - our range of apparel, styles, colours and sizes meet the needs of any business. With our focus on inclusiveness, we ensure style and fit align to the wide range of individual shapes and sizes. Our female ranges run deep and align to current fashion trends. Our male ranges cater for all body sizes including slim and tall and incorporate complementary styles to align with the ladies. We also cater for kids, with a vast range of apparel available from baby through to teenager.

Health & Wellness

The opportunity to define your style and express your unique market positioning is endorsed through our range of health and wellness apparel. High quality materials and on-trend designs accommodate the needs of the modern health and medical professional. No longer does comfort and style need to be traded for functionality. Our diverse selection of colours and styles, including fun prints, offer the flexibility to reinforce your brand position and brighten up the work environment whilst providing your people apparel they will love.

Sport & Fitness

Whether you need to kit a corporate team with playing and training gear, a sports club with custom designed and manufactured uniforms or gym staff and members with workout and yoga wear, we can assist. Our range of supply partners include some of the largest global sporting brands right down to boutique fitness labels, whilst our custom-make options include offshore as well as local cut and sew manufacturers. Regardless of the activity you undertake, we can help you choose the right apparel to help your teams achieve their sporting or fitness goals.


Workwear, Hi-Vis & Flame Retardant

Industrial clothing needs to be well constructed from quality fabrics and made to comply with relevant Australian standards, tested and certified independently. Our range ticks those boxes. Our durable hi-vis and flame-retardant apparel is built to withstand the harshest environment and working conditions. Our workwear range achieves the same standard with the added option of street wear inspired apparel providing your people choice and variety.

Safety & Footwear

Keeping your people safe is as big a priority for us as it is for you. Our safety range of head, eye, hearing and respiratory protection is tested and certified to relevant Australian and European standards to give you peace of mind, and your people the best protection available. Our footwear is designed and built not only for protection in harsh and dangerous conditions, but with the comfort expected from the world’s largest shoe manufacturer.


Ties, Scarves, Belts

Although we have experienced a relaxing of rigidity to fashion in the workplace over the last few years, ties and scarves still have their place in workday apparel. With both stock service and custom-made options available, these accessories add an elegant touch, enhance the prominence of a brand and offer a dynamic, complementary element.


Akubras, bandanas, berets or chef hats - if you wear it on your head, we supply it. Hats are also great products to customise design in smaller volumes. Whether you need something immediately or prefer a unique design and have the time at hand, we can help you with the ideal product for your exact requirements. More importantly, with our harsh climate, headwear is a sun safe option every workday apparel or team wear range should include.

Bags, Backpacks, Travel Goods

The increase in blended and remote workplaces has reaffirmed the need for quality bags, backpacks and travel luggage suitable for the mobile office of the 21st Century. Complement workday apparel with the tools your people need to transition from work to customer, or workplace to home. Ensure your staff are not endangering their wellbeing carrying heavy loads, or damaging equipment. Our range of bags, backpack and travel goods extends from single cavity bags through to retail luggage.

Anti Bacterial

The global pandemic of 2020 has altered our approach to personal well-being and hygiene for the foreseeable future. Whilst not a product range we anticipated we would provide at the beginning of 2020; an anti-bacterial offering has quickly become a mandatory part of the workplace. Our range includes a wide selection of disposable TGA approved or customisable re-useable face masks, wipes and sanitiser, right through to temperature screening kiosks.


Sourcing Channels

Stock Service

Stock service caters for timely and consistent availability of workday apparel by drawing down on vast stock holdings directly from manufacturers warehouses. Our local stock service partners incorporate product ranges perfectly suited to Australian businesses. More recently, stock service has grown to include manufactures in the USA, Canada and Europe increasing the diversity of product exponentially. Whether we provide product from manufacturers in Melbourne, Victoria or Texas, USA availability is still counted in days not weeks.

Custom Made

The inclusion of bespoke garments and accessories in a workday wardrobe evokes a deeper sense of commitment and uniqueness not only about your organisation, but to your people and your customers. Many of our stock service partners offer the ability to customise their designs in different colour palettes using existing patterns or sizing sets bringing the ability to create your own piece into life simply. Where the demand requires, we have the resources to design garments of unique design including manufacturing facilities locally or offshore.