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Branded apparel is more than a promotional tool

22 October 2020


Branded apparel should not be considered solely as a promotional tool but a way to create belonging and contribute to your brand consistency.

As human beings we desire the sense of belonging in a social environment, a domestic environment and most certainly, a workplace environment. Providing workday apparel that is styled and fit well, increases confidence and the personal image of an employee which is an effective way to enhance the sense of employee belonging.

In fact, studies have shown that employees with a higher sense of belonging, are more productive. They take fewer sick days and are less of a flight risk which can result in considerable savings to an organisation by way of reducing employment cost and loss of continuity in the workplace, not to mention the positive work outcomes happy employees attain.

Additionally, well implemented workday apparel improves brand consistency. Workday apparel should be established in line with brand guidelines to ensure your organisation is presenting a consistent image internally and externally. Disjointed or poorly executed garment selection, and inconsistent use of your logo can damage your brand consistency in the marketplace and confuse your customers.

Finally, consider the employees themselves. Our personal brand is something that we all protect. As such, workday apparel must enhance an employee's personal brand. Engaging employees in the selection of garments is a sensible approach when done with understanding and sensibility – an approach we have undertaken and mastered over many years.


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