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5 reasons your workday apparel is a source of complaint and how to fix it

17 November 2020


Impacting employees personal style evokes extremely emotive feedback, however, many of the common reasons for feedback can be overcome with the right approach.

1. Not fit for purpose

It is not unusual for organisations, when creating a workday apparel range to make decisions without consideration of the people who are actually wearing it.

Take for example, a business that has a single office location in a city. It is certainly much easier to identify and implement a suitable range of apparel for employees with a similar job function. In many cases however, employees are spread across various workplaces, in differing climates, performing a range of job functions.

It is important when creating a workday apparel range that the garments actually meet the needs of the end users. Styles, fabrics, fit, features and wearability are a number of aspects that must be considered during the planning and implementation of a functional workday apparel range.

2. Limited sizing and poor quality

There is no excuse for this to be a reason for complaint.  Over the last five years sizing availability in the apparel industry in Australia is much more reflective of our changing body shapes. Garments down to size 6 and up to sizes 30 and beyond for ladies, with 6 and 7XL for men in differing cuts including slim, fitted and relaxed are readily available.

Now, more than ever, the acope of apparel is available to provide sizing to suit every workforce.

Choosing quality garments has become easier as workday apparel manufacturers have improved fabric sourcing and production methods over the past decade and the industry has matured in its offering.

Additionally, more quality retail brands are adapting their apparel ranges to include a stock service for the workday apparel sector. This offers the benefit of high perceived value and the ability to co-brand your business with well-known and respected garment brands.

3. Lack of choice

A well designed, workday apparel range should provide employee choice, be it casual and/or business attire in a range of fits, colours and potentially a range of fabrics to suit different work needs and climates.

Choice counteracts mood, differing shapes, heights and ages to ensure employees feel comfortable and confident in their appearance, to uphold their personal brand as well as aligning with the organisations brand requirements.

4. Cost

Workday apparel can be offered to employees in many ways. However, we have always found best success with the uptake of workday apparel occurs when an organisation fully, or partially, subsidises the cost to the employee.

The subsidisation of workday apparel enables the employer to control employee styling, whilst benefitting from improved employee engagement brought about from the cost saving employees derive from not having to self-fund the clothing they wear for work.

5. Lack of employee engagement

It is important, especially in today's employment environment, and in particular, when employing Millennials, that employees are included at some level in the decision-making process. This may require some change of thinking within an organisation and must be well considered and managed.

However, we have found that greater acceptance and higher engagement is achieved when consideration and input is obtained from a wider employee cohort..


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